Bary D. Live

"The Undead Adventures Of Formaldyhide Fix" is a story about an Old School deathrock band, "Formaldihyde Fix" led by Frontman Rick A. Mortis, Bassist Paul D. Kay, Rhythm Guitarist Bary D. Live, & Drummer I.B. Dedd. In 1982 the band had a fatal accidental electrocution onstage. Seventeen years later they are resurected by an unknowing group of Gothlings who are playing their newest "Merlin Munson" CD backwards causing an invocation of the undead. Thus begins "The Undead Adventures Of Formaldihyde Fix" Have FUN and drop me a line with any comments, or Death Threats (although you can not kill what is already DEAD!! Muwahahahahaha!!)

Invoke the Spirit of Rick A. Mortis.

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