Mailing Lists

The hosts mailing lists for various purposes and causes. Currently, our active lists include:

ClubSwirl An announcement list for *SWIRL*, a monthly, 3rd-Saturdays goth club in San Francisco.
Flirt! An announcement list for Flirt!, a monthly sensual goth party in San Francisco.
FormaldihydeFix Announce list for the goth/punk, death-rock comic, Formaldihyde Fix. (List info)
HouseOfVoodoo Announce list for the House of Voodoo goth club (monthly, Saturdays in San Francisco).
LunaRouge An announcement list for La Luna Rouge, the San Francisco goth club (the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month).
SFPolyGoth SF Bay goth/industrial/BDSM/fetish polyamory list. (List info)
SFPolyGoth-digest Digested version of SFPolyGoth — all the emails to the list in a single, once-a-day chunk.

From here, if you want, you can sign up to (or unsubscribe from) any of these lists.

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We’re certainly open to hosting more lists, too. If you want to run a list on pretty much any topic concerning, or of interest to, the goth, punk, and/or industrial community, drop an email to and let him know what your idea is. If it’s goth, punk, or anywhere in there, chances are we’d be glad to host your list!

As you can see from the lists mentioned above, your list doesn’t have to serve more than a local community, nor does it have to be classically, stereotypically goth or punk.

When you have a list hosted through, you are in control of it. doesn’t try to oversee the content, the style or anything else. And you don’t have to take any advertising at the bottom of each email, like with Yahoo! Groups or other major mailing list providers. Your list is your own (plus, it gets to have a cool domain as part of its address, instead of something generic).