Requests and Submission Ideas

This page is just a random list of things we’re particularly looking for at the moment. If you have some other submission idea that doesn’t fit one of these items, that’s okay. We’re always looking for new content! Go ahead and send us whatever you’ve got.

If you’re wondering where to send it, or what format it should be in, check out our submission guidelines. That’s got everything you need to know.

Spot Illustrations/Clip Art

These sorts of things are always useful for livening up a layout. They can be small and simple — in fact, they’re better if they are. These can be GIF images with only 2 to 16 colors (although a full 216-color GIF palette is fine, too). Think “clip art” here. They don’t need to be bigger than about 200 pixels wide. (In fact, if they’re much bigger, we’ll probably shrink ’em down a bit.)

Full Illustrations/Photos

These can be as big as you make them, and could be used either as major illustrations for articles, poems and rants, or as their own content. We’re certainly open to hosting an ongoing webcomic, if you can produce it on a regular schedule. Possibilities include:

Also, if you see anything on the site that gives you an idea for an illustration that specifically goes with that piece, we’d love to have it! Poems, in particular, have lots of empty layout space that could easily fit some larger images.

For those who might want to send photos of people, please note the requirement in our submission guidelines that you have to have the people’s permission to put their images on the Internet.

Written Content

Written content is this site’s major stock-in-trade, and we can’t get enough of it. Here’s a few ideas for things we’d like to run; if you have other things that don’t this list, they’re definitely welcome, too!

If any of this has gotten your creative juices flowing, take a look at our submission guidelines, and send the resulting masterpiece to